What are the current Brexit odds?

brexit odds

If you are wondering what the chances of a Britain leaving the European Union, there is no shortage of bookmakers who will offer you the latest Brexit odds. The past few days have seen a swing in favour of a Brexit. We take a look at the best way to keep up to date with the latest likely outcomes of the June 23rd referendum.

What is Brexit all about?

The Brexit or British Exit from the EU, does exactly what it says on the tin. The people of Britain will vote on whether or not Britain remains within the European Union. The ramifications for both Briain and the EU would be huge, so huge it may be difficult to fully comprehend the potential fallout. The help understand current British feeling and what the likely outcome will be, there are plenty on places online to keep up to date.

Bloomberg Brexit Watch Indicators

Analytical media behemoth Bloomberg provides great insight into the potential Brexit through understanding public opinion. From an overview showing likelihood of Brexit to latest opinion polls, the Bloomberg Brexit Watch Indicators will give you the most up to date insights into the referendum.

Paddy Power provides best Brexit odds

brexit oddsGo ahead, laugh. Then really think about it. A business that is fundamentally dependent on getting probability right in order to make a profit is probably going to be on the ball when it comes to predicting the outcome of things like referendums. One of the leading bookmakers, Paddy Power, will give you a great idea of how things are going for both the stay and exit camps of the referendum groups.

We’re not going to pop the odds here because you can expect them to change, but you will find them over on the Paddy Power website.


Of course, you’ll get the latest Brexit odds on twitter by following the likes of Paddy Power. Going one step further with your hashtag research will get you an even deeper understanding of what’s on the table. Hashtags such as #brexit #strongerin #voteremain will give you the most up to date news from all camps.

It’s turning out to be a rather interesting debate that will ultimately finish closer than many expected. Consequences could be huge, but all you can really do now is sit back and keep up to date.


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