FIFA 17 set for late September launch date

Perhaps slightly more exciting than Christmas is the date that the new FIFA launches. Year in and year out Electronic Arts Sports, better known as EA Sports, launch the annual upgrades to their suite of sporting games. Some argue that the changes are minute between the years, but nonetheless there is no shortage of excitement that accompanies the launch of a new FIFA game. Here is what we know so far.

When is the FIFA 17 launch date?

FIFA 17 is pencilled in for a September 29th launch date. The latest football simulator will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and,  despite fears FIFA 16 would be the last, FIFA 17 will also grace the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Xbox One customers who are also EA Access members are likely to save some money and get early access to the game too.

How much will FIFA 17 cost?

As with all games these days, it won’t come cheap. Again, Xbox One users who are EA Access members can expect to save about 10% on the title. The entry level game is likely to set you back €69.99 but pre-ordering and buying a higher priced version will reward you with lucrative bonuses such as FIFA Ultimate Team packs.

What’s new in FIFA 17?

Every year, one wonders how can EA Sports continue to develop football gaming enough to warrant annual upgrades for gamers. FIFA 17 will introduce a very dramtic career mode which they’re referring to as “The Journey”. This game mode may aswell just be called the “Marcus Rashford game mode” and there are striking (pun intended) similarities.

There are further developments in the usual areas, with particular focus on set pieces and one on one battles. We’re not going into detail on these until we get some gameplay as these are often subtle changes.

We do expect some improvements in how managers appear on the touchline as Jose Mourhino is one of the predominant faces of the latest FIFA title.

Who are the others faces of FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 appears to have embraced the next generation of football superstars with the players selected to promote the game. Gone are the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo. In their place are Eden Hazard, Marco Reus, Anthony Martial and James Rodrígeuz.

alex hunter fifa 17The other important name involved in the launch is the unknown Alex Hunter from the “The Journey” mode. We believe this is just a launch thing with your own name taking the place of Alex, but will EA gamble on having all names ready?

We’ll know more in the coming months as the finer details of FIFA 17 are finalised and the gameplay demos are released. For now, it’s back to FIFA 16 for another few months.

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