Clockwise is a smarter alarm clock app

clockwise alarm clock app

Look, waking up is horrendous whatever way you look at it. There’s a new alarm clock app called Clockwise that helps get more done as you’re trying to open your eyes.

What makes Clockwise a great alarm clock app?

Clockwise sets itself apart from other alarm clock apps by being just a little bit smarter. So first of all, it will wake you up at a set time. You can also choose what days you would like to wake up at that set time. Nothing too ground-breaking there. Once app believes you’re awake, the real trick appears.

You can choose bits of information you’d like to have once you’re awake. There are 11 modules you can choose from. In the pro version of the app, you can pick them all. The free version of the app limits you to three.

What are the best modules in Clockwise?

The best modules will vary quite a bit depending on each individual user. For example, I drive to work every morning. I find it really handy to have the app estimate how long my commute will take. That way I know if I have time to make a coffee or not.

Another great module reads tweets by a user. There’s a time difference between us and America. That means Trump usually tweets something world changing while I sleep. Now, as soon as I wake up, I can have my morning ruined by his madness. On the plus side, for a moment it feels like his presidency was just part of a nightmare.

Finally, I use the Reddit option a fair bit. This reads out some of the top posts for certain topics. This gives you the power to pull news from a huge range of topics. The only problem with this is that it reads out stickied posts too so try and avoid those topics.

Any more developments coming?

In a thread online, the app developer seemed to be pretty welcoming to suggestions. One idea is that the time your alarm goes off changes depending on different situations. So if traffic is particularly heavy, the alarm will wake you up a little earlier.

This has possibly taken over as my favourite smart alarm clock. Until now it was the alarm clock that made you scan a barcode to stop it. Was great for forcing me not to snooze. Currently, the Clockwise smart alarm clock app is only available on Android. It’s available for free or premium for just over €1.

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