Capture moments like it’s 1985 – VHS Camcorder

VHS Camcorder

Brilliantly low quality video and cheesy throwbacks ahead as we test out Rarevision’s VHS Camcorder app on iOS.

It’s funny that in a world where innovation is key, every now and then a few steps backwards is thoroughly enjoyable. Retro gaming has proven popular with successful Kickstarters such as Mini EMU and Starforce PI. However, if you really want to dive into nostalgia, what’s better than capturing magical family moments in a You’ve Been Framed handheld camera style? In a world that’s become obsessed with capturing the highest quality using the smallest devices, the team at Rarevision have developed an app to capture low quality VHS style moments.

Retro VHS Camcorder GIFVHS Camcorder does what it is designed to do amazingly well. The final video is extremely convincing with grainy tracking effects at the bottom of the video, low colour quality and poor audio quality capture too. I admit, it’s funny writing this description as an example of how well the app works. The detail they have gone into while creating the VHS Camcorder app is second to none as even the slow zoom in and out controls mimic those of a 1985 handheld camera. Nostalgia reigns supreme with additional features including the ability to select today’s date or a custom date along with centred titles for your videos being an option.

We took to the streets of Dublin to capture some retro footage to demonstrate how convincing the app is. The full video of the semi-naked escape artist is available on our YouTube channel, while below we sent Funky Ska Rock band The FitzaFrenic back in time.

You can download Rarevision’s VHS Camcorder now for €3.99 from the App Store and start capturing retro moments.

There is currently no Android version and similar apps on Android at the moment don’t create the same effect to anywhere near the quality that Rarevision have achieved. Follow our social feeds for updates on an Android app if it arrives.

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