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We all have some sort of electronics knocking around the home gathering dust, so every now and then you might be tempted to swing into CeX – the Computer Exchange, but are CeX good value? A recent trip to a Dublin CeX store prompted me to dig a little deeper.

The Computer Exchange (CeX)

CeX is a UK based company, founded in 1992 and eventually coming to Ireland in April 2011. CeX  provides a service where customers can visit store to exchange electronic devices for cash or store credit These items are then assessed and resold by CeX. The model has proven extremely popular, with the first Irish store achieving €1.3 million in sales in the first year and a further 24 branches opening since nationwide. Sounds like everyone wins right?

CeX Trust Pilot

The general perception around CeX is that it provides very good value. Consumer reviews website Trust Pilot states the retail exchange specialists have earned an 8 out of 10 star rating, supplied by customers of the store. A quick read through the comments left by customers does indeed suggest the vast majority of shoppers enjoy a good experience with CeX. One question remains however. Is CeX good value?

Is CeX good value

What sparked our digging was a recent trip to a North-Dublin CeX store. Remarkably, we spotted a second-hand first generation Google Chromecast on sale for €35. Chromecast has risen in popularity recently, particularly for gifting and it retails for €39 brand new. CeX offers an older Google Chromecast for €35 and the latest Google Chromecast for €42. Needless to say, this spot peaked my interest, so I delved a little deeper.

Is CeX good value? – Apple Watch with strap

Apple Store Online – €449

CeX – €375

CeX Apple WatchOne of the most sought after pieces of jewellery doubles up as a piece of tech. The Apple Watch can already be found in CeX cabinets from the average user who gets tired of wearables after a few months. If you were to shop on the official Apple website now, you would pick up an Apple Watch for €449.

CeX offer the same Apple Watch for €340. This is literally just the watch, with the strap setting you back another €35. So, if you’re looking to pick up an Apple Watch  Series 2, you’ll save yourself €75 versus buying directly from Apple. On the flip side, if you’re trading one in, CeX will offer you €210 for it. They’ll then resell it, making a nice little profit of €130.

Is CeX good value? – Xbox One 500GB and Halo 5

GameStop – €349.99

CeX – €360.00

CeX Xbox 360 unboxedGameStop prove to be cheaper with the Halo 5 and Xbox One 500GB console brand new for about a tenner less than CeX. What’s worse is that the Xbox you buy second hand from CeX doesn’t even come in a box. For the privilege of a cardboard box you’ll pay €335 for the same 500GB console.

Is CeX good value? – Kindle Touch

Argos – €69

CeX – €75

We’ll admit right off the bat that this is a special offer in Argos that will get you a new Kindle for €6 less than a second-hand one in CeX,  but they are still flogging these second hand items for a 45% markup.

Is CeX good value? – GTA V (pre-owned) – Xbox 360

GameStop – €29.99

CeX – €18.00

We had to dig pretty deep, but second hand gaming seems reasonable in CeX. You can pick up old Xbox 360 games at a fraction of the cost GameStop will charge you. Both are pre-owned here and note you can pick this up new in Argos for just over €30.

Is CeX good value? – Smartphones

Apple iPhone 5S – Sim free

Apple Store Online – €519

CeX – €430

Vodafone Smart Ultra

Vodafone – €169.99

CeX – €140.00

Generally speaking you are saving when purchasing handsets, though remember they are second hand. What’s surprising with handsets is the trade in value. Apple gear retains value very well, hence the two year old 5S’s price on the Apple site. With that in mind, CeX will give you €184 cash or €258 store credit for you iPhone 5s. That’s a profit margin of 57% and 40% respectively.

The verdict

CeX appears to be a mine field of sorts, scattered with some good deals and some awful traps to make huge money. While second hand phones may be good value, there are a large number of items you would be better off shopping elsewhere for either to save money, or get an brand new item for a small sum more.

One important thing to note in the CeX terms and conditions is that should an item become faulty, you are unlikely to receive a full refund with store credit being a preferred peace maker.

Have you shopped with CeX? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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