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The new Apple iPhone X is going to be pretty damn expensive. Actually, it’s going to be the most expensive iPhone of all time. It’s become an even pricier phone for Ken Bauer, an Apple engineer working on the iPhone X before launch. Apple gave Bauer the boot after his daughter, Brooke Amelia Peterson, videoed the still closely guarded iPhone X on a visit to Apple’s Cupertino HQ.

Apple Engineer’s Daughter Makes a Video

It’s a little ironic that Peterson opens this video by saying “I’m going shopping. Shopping solves all my problems”.

She started out shopping and ended up visiting her Dad at Apple’s One Infinite Loop Cupertino Campus. Here, she got the chance to get hands-on with Apple’s yet unreleased mega-flagship iPhone X. She removed the video from her own account, but of course, it’s still on the web:


You’ll see they grab some pizza in Apple’s canteen and of course, Bauer pays with Apple Pay. Then while munching on some lovely looking Pizza, Peterson gets the chance to go hands on. She’s mightily impressed with the camera, tests out navigation without a home button, plays with animojis. Finally, she fawns about the area Ashton Kutcher shot the movie Jobs in, before saying “I almost want to become an engineer so that I could try and work at Apple.”

Well, unfortunately for Peterson, her chance of getting an existing employee referral into a position with Apple went up in smoke once she uploaded her hands-on video with the iPhone X. The video started to spread online. Remember, this is a still unreleased phone that’s had a limited amount of airtime to date. Peterson was asked by Apple to remove the video shortly after it was posted and she agreed, but the damage had been done. Just ask the lads of Ballyragget about how quickly videos go viral these days.

Apple’s Reaction to the Video

According to Peterson’s follow up video, Apple has let Bauer go. You can actually watch the follow-up video here:


You’ll notice Peterson seems more concerned with her video being alongside Ellen Degeneres than Apple “doing what they had to do” in letting her Dad go. Ok, sure enough, her Dad should know a lot better than to let his daughter film an unreleased phone. Apple has very strict protocols governing on-site filming. Still, the innocence of recording an auld video isn’t lost on most, even the canteen staff who are delighted to see the footage of Apple Pay in motion being captured.


What’s shocking is Peterson’s reaction video. Christ, it’s cold. After a long intro about how great her Dad is, Peterson changes gears to support Apple in their decision to sack her pops. She genuinely seems delighted to be getting YouTube attention. Hell, even right now I’m giving her attention, which sucks.

Peterson claims this was just supposed to be a video of a fun memory with her family. Can people really be that naive? I suppose the Ballyragget boys thought they were creating a video of fun memories too right?

It’s been a great week for examples to showing everyone that we need to take what we post online very seriously. People can lose their dignity and their job from the wrong thing being posted online. We all need to weigh up funny, interesting and suitable before we publish. I remember reading a few years ago:

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t like to see on a billboard

That’s the internet these days. Anything you say or post today could be in front of millions tomorrow.

What Did We Learn from the Leaked iPhone X Video

With all that said, it would be silly of us not to make the most of this leak. We’ve learned a few bits about the latest iPhone. Further confirmation of how to say the name for a start. It’s the iPhone “ten” not the iPhone “ex”.

One of the big tests for the new iPhone will be unlocking with facial recognition. I’m really interested to see how this works because for Apple Pay, Apple’s Android Pay equivalent, could be tough to navigate without Touch ID. We only get a glance, but when used to cover the cost of a few pizzas, Apple Pay on the iPhone X seemed to handle just fine.

We also learned Apple is not afraid to crack down on the sources of leaks and that people will risk it all to seek attention. Whether that’s the attention of your children with some cool and forbidden tech, or putting your parent’s job on the line for the attention of the world.

End rant.

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