5 Apple Watch Apps to Try Out

apple watch apps

If you’ve taken our advice and picked up a shiny new Apple Watch, you’re probably now wondering what are the best apps to get the most out of your new wearable. Well, look no further as we compile our list of the top 5 Apple Watch apps to try out.

Nike+ Run Club

nike apple watch app

Nike has done a great job with this free watch app. It offers lots more functionality than the Apple Workout app and other Fitness apps on the market. It’s free with no subscription plans and ad-free throughout. Worth a look just for that at least. With New Year resolution planning set to start soon, this could the be push you need to get fitter and/or lose some of your unwanted cuddly features.


Always wanted to get in those group photos? Tired of using selfie sticks and getting pictures up your nose or looking like a drone took the picture? ProCamera is the answer to these and more to these pressing problems. It’s a feature-rich app that allows you to control your phone’s camera remotely via your watch. You’ll have to hand out There really isn’t enough space to list all the app features and suffice to say you should find every camera setting/function you should need. ProCamera is available from free and runs up to €3.99.

Twitterrific 5


This is a super smart app. Instead of displaying all your twitter feeds on the watch screen which would be unusable, it focuses instead on notifications (this feature is €3.49). These can be configured individually on the iPhone app so you get a haptic notification on your wrist if, for example, you get a new follower or dm. This is one of those watch apps that has a well thought out design and is not just a scaled-down version of the main iPhone app. If you check your twitter feeds frequently during the day, which let’s be honest, most of us Twitter users do, then this is a must-have for those sneaky twitter checks when really you should be paying attention to someone.

You can grab Twitterific starting at €0.49 right through to €5.49.

Dark Sky

dark sky app

We all love discussing/complaining/exaggerating about the weather in Ireland, so having access to the weather forecast on your wrist is one sure of staying ahead of the posse. Dark Sky is probably the best weather app on the market with personalised forecast notifications by the minute and detailed daily & weekly weather forecasting for Ireland. It can even be configured to tell you it’s going to rain in five minutes. Now that’s handy if you are wearing home your brand new yellow suede shoes that looked so good in the shop, or at least they did dry. Given the weather in Ireland, you’ll hardly feel too hard done by handing over €4.49 for this app.


Shazam is hugely popular on phones and you could be on to a winner in terms of Apple Watch apps too. Benefits include the almost certain prospect of alienating your friends even more with your uncanny expert music knowledge. All joking aside (I hope), this is a well-designed app, simple to use and it’s arguably better fun using Shazam on your watch than on your phone. All that fun can be yours for free or €3.49 if you want to remove the ads.


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