Revolut Stays Launches In Ireland

Revolut stays launches in ireland

Interest in travel has increased quite a bit over the last two months. It makes sense given we’re one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. We’ve taken the approach of give me the jab and lets get on with life. Revolut, an digital-only bank I sing the praises of on a regular basis, is ready to pounce on the interest. After a successful launch in the UK last year, Revolut is launching “Stays” in Ireland so you can book your holidays with the bank and save.

What Is Revolut Stays?

Revolut Stays is the latest feature to launch from the online-only bank that now has 1.5 million customers in Ireland. Stays will allow Revolut customers to browse for a trip away within the banking app. Beyond just browsing, you’ll also be able to book free from fees and nab yourself up to 10% cashback.

Revolut is launching Stays as part of their wider vision to go beyond being a bank, instead being an app for all things money.

Marsel Nikaj, Head of Savings and Lifestyle at Revolut, says that “as the world begins to cautiously open up, we know Irish users are desperate to get away whenever they can. We’ve built Stays to make it easy for people to find and book their perfect break in their ideal destination. After 18 months of endless restrictions and lockdowns, we want to give people more and make their money travel further”.

Getting Back To Travel

It’s a really interesting time for Revolut to launch a product like Stays. While it may not attract a massive amount of new users, I can definitely see this increasing app usage for existing users.

Looking at Google Trends shows that interest in the COVID-19 vaccine has increased steadily this year. Alongside this interest is travel.

Google Trends data showing interest in vaccines and travel in Ireland for 2021

The Irish public would seem ready to somewhat return to travel. The short term might very well be staycations, but Revolut Stays will cater for both holidaying here at home and abroad.

It’s a lucrative business too. Back in 2019 when we knew little about what was around the corner, people were still travelling like normal. Irish Revolut customers spent, on average, €215 on accommodation, €131 on flights (suggesting lots of European flights) and €679 on food, drink and entertainment living the local life.

Revolut and travel, for me, go hand in hand. I’ve used my card in cities like Barcelona and Hamburg but also New York and Seoul. For countries where you lose the nice comfy blanket of the Euro, your Revolut card gives you access to live foreign exchange. You can pay for dinner with your card in New York just like back home. Revolut automatically converts your Euros to Dollars without charging you a cent.

How To Book With Revolut Stays

Stays is available to Revolut customers in Ireland from today and offers accommodation options across the globe with options ranging from bargain B&Bs to unique, luxury lodges. Revolut plans to later add even more travel related products like flights, car hire and travel experiences.

You can sign up for Revolut today. Important to note that if you sign up with that code, we both get a pressie from Revolut. Just FYI.

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