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Understanding a trend on TikTok takes a few things to align. The awkward thing is that you sometimes get comments under videos as a kind of guerilla under-the-radar trend. These are usually in-jokes of some sort. Funny to those in the inner circle but utterly confusing to the uninitiated. “Protein Bor” has started to appear under various fitness videos on TikTok, seemingly out of the blue and unprovoked. But there’s a story to be read here. Here’s the story of “Protein Bor”.

James Doyle Fitness: The Protein Bor

One overarching trend on TikTok is straight-shooting fitness instructors. The kind of personal trainers who focus on calorie deficits and facts more than shaming chocolate bars. Everything in moderation is sound (Marty says as he refuses to share a share-bag of crisps once again). But the advice isn’t just coming from full-time professional fitness heads.

James Doyle runs a fitness-focused TikTok account and his takes have gained over 75,000 followers. His particular area of expertise is protein bars. In a stitch with James Smith, he admits that protein bars probably aren’t great three times a day, but his volume of consumption makes him an expert of sorts.

The Mullingar-based man has a strong accent, and that’s where we get to the crux of this story.

When James pronounces “bars” it sounds like “bors”.

And the people of TikTok decided that this man deserves global recognition for it. Now, under random videos across TikTok, you’ll find the comment “protein bors”.

Sorry. If you were expecting a big dramatic story there, it’s not really coming.

His takes on protein “bors” are fairly good so if you’re in the market for a bite, definitely give him a watch.

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