Google Pixel 5a Might Be Here Sooner Than Expected

Google really is a funny old company when it comes to its smartphone range and launches. The Alphabet company leaked the Pixel 6 themselves last month. Now, with very little notice, it looks like the Pixel 5a is about to hit shelves globally.

Pixel 5a Coming Soon?

Android Police got its hands on some shots of what is apparently spare parts for the Google Pixel 5a landing in US repair shops. As a result of this leak, many now expect the Pixel 5a, which is arguably Google’s best chance to make a dent in to the phone market, will be on sale as early as tomorrow.

Pixel 5a: What To Expect?

The Pixel 5a will be loosely modeled on my beloved Pixel 5. It really is a shame that the Pixel range isn’t widely available in Ireland. While it’s on sale from Vodafone and directly from Google, it’s rare you find someone out in the wild sporting a Pixel phone.

The Pixel 5a really might change that. The reason being that the Pixel 5a will likely feature a lot of why the Pixel 5 is brilliant, but will a smaller price tag. In fact, one major upgrade will be the battery. Thanks to the leaks we know the Pixel 5a is likely sporting a 4680 mAh battery. That’s the biggest battery to date. It’s welcome considering battery was the one area that Google’s flagship really did feel like a letdown.

This might very well be the best of Pixel 5 with the worst area being fixed.

Also seemingly confirmed is that the phone will have a dual-camera lens on the rear. Personally, I’d wager that the camera will be more or less the same as the Pixel 5.

Google tends to roll the dice with new phones taking the lion’s share of interest with their souped-up upgraded version of last year’s flagship doing the rest. Of course, if you put the Pixel 5a and Pixel 5 up against each other, toe to toe, the Pixel 5 will win. Unless you’re focused on price.

Here, the Pixel 5a will win. You can expect the Pixel 5a to be available for less than €400. That’s a bit of finger-in-the-wind price guessing, but we won’t have to wait much longer to find out for sure.

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