GamerFest Returns to RDS this Weekend

It’s funny, isn’t it? Gaming is so typically thought of as something you do at home. Yet many felt the loss of GamerFest over the past few years with Covid. GamerFest has been an important community event for gamers in Ireland since 2017. Today, it’s an important date on the calendar and it’s back for 2022, bigger than ever.

When is GamerFest?

GamerFest takes place this weekend across two days spanning 22 October and 23 October. Beyond locals, expect to find people from around Ireland and even Europe attending this event.

What’s On at GamerFest?

All those people are travelling because the lineup is really quite something.

Stars, Influencers, Streamers and More

From legends of gaming like Brenda and John Romero making an appearance on Saturday to social media giants like Tink and Ryan Mar along with streamers Seapeekay and Tiny Tina – it’s an all-star cast. If you’re here because of your kids, it’s ok that you don’t know these people. But for you’re kids, these are the most famous people on the planet. And they’re coming to Dublin.

Live Events

But there’s more than just streamers and influencers. There’ll be competitive eSports, sim racing and virtual reality to name but a few of the hands-on experiences. If you like FIFA, get in early on Saturday for the FIFA 23 Grand Final at 12 PM.

You’ll also find some retro gaming and tabletop experiences too.


HADO is making a debut at GamerFest 2022. This is an AR sport that will leave you with your jaw on the ground. It’s a cross between dodgeball and pong, in real life. Check it out.


It wouldn’t be a proper festival of all things gaming without cosplay. Cosplay is where superfans take on the role of their favourite characters. They’ve poured their heart and soul into cosplay outfits and accessories. This will be one of the highlights of the weekend for anyone attending.

There will also be a competition for the best cosplay on show.

Where Can You Buy GamerFest Tickets?

There are still a limited number of tickets available for GamerFest 2022 at Dublin’s RDS this weekend. You can buy single-day tickets or go all in with a full weekend ticket. Just be sure to check the GamerFest website to ensure what you want to see is on the day you’re going if going for a single-day ticket.

Doors open at 11 am but you can buy a special early access ticket to get in at 10 am (worth it if you ask me).

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