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I’m expecting we’re going to see a lot of cross-border value for Irish Amazon customers now that there’s a full-on Amazon distribution centre opening in Ireland next year. The first bit of value since that announcement is great news for anyone who loves a bit of grub arriving at their front door courtesy of Deliveroo. Amazon and Deliveroo have teamed up to give Amazon Prime customers free deliveries on all orders over €25 for a year.

What Is Deliveroo Plus?

The one criticism I have of Deliveroo is that their delivery prices are spicier than the curries they deliver. It’s for a business reason though; they also offer Deliveroo Plus. Basically, by committing to a monthly subscription you no longer have to pay for your food deliveries.

It’s clever. Because if you’re paying for Deliveroo Plus, you’re less likely to order with Just Eat and more likely to order food full stop. I’m constantly saying that I’m trying to be good, so I’ve avoided paying for Deliveroo Plus despite the fact it would have paid for itself a few times over during lockdown.

Deliveroo Plus Pricing

To really understand this offer, first of all you need to understand the pricing. Deliveroo knows there are two kinds of households. Usually single occupant or dual/family homes. For that reason, you can pay a little more for your membership and have to pay less on your delivered dinner to get it cycled across town for free. Or, you can pay less monthly based on the understanding that you’ll only get free delivery if your dinner order is over €25.

In these scenarios, the more expensive plan is €10.99 per month and the cheaper plan with the higher minimum order limit is just €3.99 per month.

What Is Amazon’s Deliveroo Offer?

Now, for the offer. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can get the €3.99 Deliveroo Plus membership for 12 months. This is great news if you’re already an Amazon Prime customer who enjoys tucking away the odd takeaway. I love stuff like this for consumers because memberships and subscriptions often feel like death by a thousand cuts. Everyone wants their part of your wallet.

Now, by paying for one companies subscription, you’re getting access to another.

Why Is Amazon Partnering With Deliveroo?

It’s hard to know why, but I guess it just benefits both companies. Amazon customers get the “value add” while Deliveroo may get some new customers trying out their service for the first time. For Deliveroo it’s also a great way to show customers the benefit of having the premium account for a year in the hope customers keep it longer.

How To Get Free Deliveroo Plus With Amazon Prime

To get free Deliveroo Plus for a year, you just have to be a paid-up Amazon Prime customer. If you meet that criteria, head on over to and link your Deliveroo account. Simple as that. Enjoy your dinner.

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