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OnePlus the self-styled “giant killers” are back having recently announced the brand new OnePlus 6 at a recent event in London. It’s no secret that we here at Goosed have been big fans of the brand as they look to compete with the big boys of Samsung and Apple. Since arriving on the scene back in 2014 they have shown time and time again that top line specs can be done on a budget. Over the last year or two, the company has probably been victims of their own early success . Expectations have grown beyond what a small company is capable of. However the term “flagship killer” may not last much longer. It now looks like OnePlus are ready to go toe to toe with the heavy hitters or the Google Pixel 3. Boasting an all-glass design, similar to the Samsung S9 or the iPhone X, a whopping 6.3-inch display and 256GB of storage. This is a phone ready to take on the big boys. So what do you need to know?

When can I get the OnePlus 6?

Ok, so firstly to answer the question on everybody’s lips. The official release date of the OnePlus 6 is going to be the 22nd of May, this is going to be for the Midnight (matte) black and Mirror (glossy) black models. They also have an almost ceramic looking Silk White edition. If you want this you will be waiting until the first week of June.
They have also announced a very pretty Marvel Avengers edition which we are hearing will only be available in Asia. A shame because personally, I would love it.
Right now the OnePlus 6 is not available to pre-order so you will need to have the card ready to rumble on the morning of the 22nd of May. That brings us nicely to the next question…

How much?

Before I answer this question let me ask, how much would you pay for a phone with equal or better specs than an iPhone, Samsung or Sony
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Right, so take that number and probably half it because the OnePlus 6 will be starting at €520. This price is for the 64gb model, but if you want more memory you will be able to get 128gb for €569 or 256gb for €620. To be perfectly honest the 64gb model is probably more than enough for most people. If you really like your music and movies or don’t fancy cloud storage then at least it’s nice to have the option.
Still, imagine getting a 256gb iPhone for less than a grand…. and keep imagining because it will never happen.

How does it look?

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As we said earlier, the OnePlus 6 boasts the largest screen of any OnePlus handset to date. It will also be rocking the now standard notch feature at the top of the screen for added style. If you could call it that, but hey a notch is so hot right now. The display itself is 6.3 inches of pure Gorilla Glass 5, which means screen cracks should be at a minimum. Interesting the back of the phone is also Gorilla Glass, something that is a first for OnePlus.
The OnePlus 6 has also taken the controversial decision to keep the headphone jack for the OnePlus 6, and it’s also made the handset more water resistant in comparison to the previous editions.
Apart from that, there are a few other visual changes of note. The alert slider has moved over above the power key while the SIM tray is now tucked away above the volume bar. Although these changes are minimal the re-positioning has shown that OnePlus have listened to their customers and as a result, it should feel much better in the user’s hand.

Speaking of in the hand

The new OnePlus 6 contains not one but two forms of biometric security. This might not sound groundbreaking considering Samsung are already doing the same, but it’s a first for OnePlus.
Firstly the phone is equipped with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. It’s an oval shaped button that reports say will unlock your phone as quick as anyone else on the market. Apart from that, the OnePlus 6 will also have a face unlocking system. 
OnePlus says face unlock takes 0.4 seconds to recognize you and allow you access to the handset, while the fingerprint scanner is quicker at 0.2 seconds.

But what about the Camera and Battery

To be fair, the most important specs for most people when buying a new phone these days are the battery and camera. The OnePlus won’t let you down on either.
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The OnePlus 6 comes with dual rear cameras, the main camera is 16MP and the selfie cam is 20MP. Interestingly the main camera has increased it’s like the intake for a better quality image and can also shoot up to a minute of slow-mo footage. Because what doesn’t look better in slow motion.
Portrait mode returns on the OnePlus 6, but it’s now faster and in the coming weeks a software update will be issued that brings the feature to the 16MP front facing the camera as well.
In terms of the battery, the handset is rocking a 3,300mAh battery with a cool new Dash Charge feature which should give you a full day of power is just 30 minutes.

Feel the power

You bet your sweet ass it is. The OnePlus 6 is using the nifty Snapdragon 845, which is the same processor as the latest Sony Xperia’s. It will also be running the latest version of Android Oreo straight from the box. If you are willing to be a bit more out there you can also use the new Android P Beta version available from Google.

Early Opinion

In reality, the OnePlus 6 looks to be the most polished smartphone the firm has made. This edition could finally be the model that removed the tag of “flagship killer” and finally brings them into the conversation alongside the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The spec sheet looks incredible and while a price tag of €520 might seem steep, it’s a damn sight cheaper than anything the opposition is creating. The only downside for me is this until OnePlus make agreements with mobile networks to range their products the upfront cost versus what you can get a bigger brand on a contract means they will always be playing catch up.
Having said that, if you have that kind of money hiding down the back of the couch and you want a top of range smartphone that costs less than a grand, then the OnePlus 6 could well be the phone for you.
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