Podcasts: What podcast should I listen to?

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Are you a podcast sceptic or new to the podcast scene? I was once like you – unsure if I would genuinely like to listen to a podcast. I wondered if they would be able to fit into my daily routine. Podcasts became a staple for me last summer when all the music I was listening to had lost its edge and I wanted something a bit more varied. Now I regularly find myself asking “what podcast should I listen to next?”

Why should I listen to podcasts?

There are loads of reasons to listen to podcasts:

Podcasts offer diversity

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to podcasts. There are mindfulness, true crime, comedy, news podcasts … I think you get the picture the list goes on and on.

They’re portable

Download one or two or as many as you like onto your computer or phone and off you go. Great for the morning and evening commute, in the gym or on the way to meet friends.

They’re informative

There is always something new to learn from a podcast. As they say, you learn something new every day and with podcasts, you can.

Podcasts are a great alternative to TV

Sometimes there’s nothing on TV or we’ve watched all the series that interest us on Netflix. If you’ve checked out Robyn’s hidden gems, then it’s time to look at podcasts. I often just listen to a podcast when I’m not in the mood to watch anything on TV.

man deciding what podcast to listen toWhat podcasts should I listen to?

If I’ve piqued your interest then here are some fantastic podcasts you could listen to:

The Heart

Narrated by Kaitlin Prest this podcast explores relationships, love, sexuality, and humanity. Each episode has an understated air and leaves the listener with a sense of having a deeper understanding of the topic.

Recommended episodes: Samara + Kelsey, Twirl, Ultraslut, and Beloved.


A podcast about crime with a difference. Criminal explores all sides of crime: those who have been wronged, those who have wronged, and those who work in crime solving, even if they are just amateurs.

Recommended episodes: Episode 20: Gil from London, Episode 34: The Stay, Episode 46: Tiger, and Episode 47: Brownie Lady.

True Crime Garage

Two buddies sitting in a garage drinking beer, what’s not to love?! Each week Nic and The Captain, from Ohio, investigate and discuss a crime. From serial killers to cold cases to missing persons the lads are always very respectful when discussing the case of the week.

Recommended episodes: Ed Gein, West Mesa Body Pit, Diane Schuler, and the Ted Bundy three past series.


Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich Radiolab takes you on an investigative journey told through sounds and of course, a story. Topics range from science, music, culture, and news.

Recommended episodes: Patient Zero, The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist, On the Edge, and Alpha-Gal.


Let Aaron Mahnke take you through a world of myths, legends, and the supernatural. In each episode he explores unusual cases be it from the present or the past.

Recommend stories: Episode 3: The Beast Within, Episode 26: Brought Back, Episode 36: When the Bow Breaks, and Episode 40: Everything Floats.

There are many different styles of podcasts out there so there’s definitely something out there for everyone. Why not try one out today?

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