Sky Now TV arrives in Ireland for some no strings attached fun

Full disclosure. I’m a happy Sky customer. It’s not often I get to say I like a service, but I like Sky. It’s a premium service for sure and I pay for it, but I feel it’s good value. Some might not agree and choose not to have Sky. I totally get it. But, doesn’t it suck when something comes up that you’d just love to watch? You know, that one game or one series is on that makes you wish you had Sky? If this is you, Sky Now TV should be music to your ears.

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What is Sky Now TV?

Traditionally, to have Sky meant you needed to have a dish installed on your property connected to a box with a 12-month contract. Ugh, right? Sky Now TV is access to Sky TV powered by the internet that you can connect to as you wish. Instead of 12-month contracts, access to Sky Now TV starts from just one day and rocks up to one month.

Why should I use Sky Now TV?

Simply put, Sky Now TV gives you a huge amount of freedom.

Sky Now TV at Christmas

Christmas is a great example of why you would want Sky Now TV. We looked at Google search trends for Sky Now TV in the UK where it’s established. We found that there are sharp increases around Christmas Day because people are fit to kill each other with boredom. Of course, the solution isn’t to sign up to a 12-month contract which is where Sky Now TV comes in. Pay €15 and you’ll get 30-days of full access to Sky Movies. That’s plenty to get you through the Christmas.

Short term access for big sporting occasions

I have all the Sky channels and I’ve found myself getting back into Formula 1 to justify another couple of days to have Sky Sports. However, many will only want Sky Sports infrequently. If you’re a big fan of big Golf or Darts events, you might only want access to Sky Sports every few months. Sky Now TV gives you 24-hour Sky Sports access for €10, one week access for €15 or a month for €50. So if you want to have everyone around to watch a big derby match as a once off, this is a great option.

It’s great if you live in apartments

A lot of apartment blocks actually don’t allow Sky dishes to be installed. Sometimes, this leaves people with only the poverty channels, ewww. More good news if this sounds like your situation. The basic Entertainment package through this streaming service is actually incredibly good value.

sky now tv entertainment channels For €15 per month, you’ll get access to a load of channels and 250 Sky boxsets. Some of the series included is our beloved Silicon Valley, Prison Break and Game of Thrones.

How do you watch it?

You can stream Sky Now TV to any smart device or through a dedicated Roku box, designed especially for the service.  Of course, right now that means you’d also be dodging the TV license unless the government have their say.

Best of all, there’s a 14-day free trial for everything, except sports. Give it a lash.


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