The world’s most popular music streaming service┬áis making music sharing easier than ever. Spotify Codes has just launched in Ireland, so here’s the craic with it.

What are Spotify Codes?

spotify codes in useThe best part of having a roast chicken for dinner is when you pick the leftovers at night time. Right now, Snapchat is that roast chicken. Facebook, as in the umbrella group for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, have borrowed features like Stories recently. Spotify has decided they’re a little peckish, coming to see what’s for the pickin’.

One feature Facebook hasn’t ‘borrowed’ from Snapchat yet is Snapcodes. These are unique images that can be scanned using your camera on your phone through Snapchat. Snapcodes add contacts to your Snapchat app and can even bring you to websites. This is the feature Spotify decided they’d like to ‘borrow’, allowing you to find songs and playlists by scanning codes.

How to use Spotify Codes

There are two ways you can use Spotify Codes:

Sharing music

The first thing you’ll need to know is how to create Spotify Codes, but it’s pretty simple. In the app, just tap the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen. Then you’ll see a new code below the cover image of what you’re listening to. This works for songs and playlists, making it super easy to share. One idea here is that a friend could then scan your screen. The other is the huge potential for artists to share the hell out of their codes online and on albums, posters, lampposts etc.

Finding music

When you come across a Spotify Code, it’s really easy to scan it. Open up the Spotify app and go to search. Where you normally type in what you’re looking for, you’ll now also see a camera icon. Tap that and the camera will load allowing you to line up the Spotify Code on-screen. The app will then load up the song, artist or playlist that you scanned. It actually does it in a fraction of a second too.

You can test it out by giving my Motiving Marty playlist a listen.

Motivating Marty Spotify Code

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