Making Ireland Click: New RTÉ series bringing tech to life

Making Ireland Click on RTÉ

We want to let you in on a little secret. has a goal. Ireland is not short of great technology news sites like to name but one. However, for the day-to-day person, some of these sites can be a little full-on. instead tries to get people excited about technology by making it fun and relevant. RTÉ have a new series coming with a similar goal – Making Ireland Click.

What is Making Ireland Click all about?

Making Ireland Click is a four-part series looking to explore why the public need to get cracking with the online world. Quite simply, the web makes like easier once you know how to work your way around.

Episode one of Making Ireland Click will focus on older generations interacting with the online world. This generation makes up some of the 300,000 in Ireland who are not active online.

How can I get involved?

The show itself kicks off on Monday 31st October, on RTÉ One at 7.30pm. If you are already confident online, be a champion for tech. Maybe your grandparents aren’t active online. Suggest sitting down with them this Monday to show the value of online. Share the Making Ireland Click website, or even and ask others to get their loved ones involved. The Making Ireland Click website is full of resources to make tech and online useful for everyone. It’s time to get Ireland clicking.

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