Got an iPhone and Some Paper?

fight lightsabers with paper

Since Apple went and made augmented reality all cool and mainstream late in 2017, I’ve been a little underwhelmed by what’s become available. Sure, you can measure rooms with without a measuring tape, but isn’t that a little boring? Thanks to an indie app developer by the name of Hart Woolery, we can finally start boasting about how cool AR is.

Hart created the InstaSaber. This is a simple app which lets you live out your childhood fantasies by placing a lightsaber into your hand. Yup, just like Luke Skywalker, you can run around the house waving your lightsaber around. How the app works is absolute genius because it’s completely accessible to everyone; that can afford an iPhone that is.

All you need to live out your Star Wars dreams is an AR compatible Apple device and a piece of paper. Roll up the latter and then view through the InstaSaber app and kablamo, you’re a Jedi. Easier than ever right?

While this is currently limited to Apple right now, we can only hope it’s not too long until this gets launched on Android. Give it a download, have a play and send us your videos. We’d love to see the lightsaber wielding population of Ireland.

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