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snapchat filters in zoom and teams

How To Get Snapchat Filters In Zoom And Microsoft Teams

Working from home. We've heard a lot of this in the past few weeks. There have been articles galore online including some bits from...
speaking puppy snapchat app for dogs

Speaking Puppy: Snapchat Filters For Your Dog

One of my favourite tech things has to be augmented reality. My reason for loving augmented reality is simple; a lot of people are...
fight lightsabers with paper

Got an iPhone and Some Paper?

Since Apple went and made augmented reality all cool and mainstream late in 2017, I've been a little underwhelmed by what's become available. Sure,...
best ar apps for iphones with ios 11

7 Augmented Reality Apps iPhone Users Need To Try

I remember a time where people just didn't get excited about updates to operating systems. Apple, the wily spinmasters that they are, now have...