NES Classic Ireland: Where to buy and how much it will cost you

Let’s not beat around the bush. We all know Christmas is right around the corner. Nintendo has also positioned themselves nicely as the NES Classic is now available in Ireland.

What is the NES Classic?

nes classicBack in July, we brought you the news that Nintendo hoped to relaunch one of their best-loved consoles. Indeed, what is expected to be a hot property this Christmas, demand for the Nintendo Entertainment System is high.

The two spikes in Google searches are  around the date it was announced and today – the day it became available.

How many controllers comes with the NES Classic?

You only get one controller in the NES Classic box, so if this is a Christmas present you should consider picking up a second.  Another thing to watch out for is the power adaptor. You do get a cable in the box, but no wall adapter. It should also work with any standard mobile phone wall adapter.

Where can I buy the NES Classic?

Once you’re happy enough to give away your first born, you won’t struggle to get one. Those of you who remember trying to buy the Wii a few years back know what to expect. Here is a list of places you can hope to pick up the NES Classic:

Smyths – €64.99

With over twenty stores dotted around the country, Smyths are the best-known toy store. This means they are taking the launch of the Irish launch of the NES Classic very seriously. So seriously, in fact, they are doing a pre-order. Smyths are hedging their best, refusing to promise all pre-orders will be fulfilled in the first wave but also stating they expect all to be completed by December 9th. If it’s a Christmas present, Smyths seems like a reliable place to shop. Also worth noting that they offer free delivery on orders over €49.

Littlewoods Ireland – €54.99

Many may believe Littlewoods are only interested in frilly underwear and what not. They actually sell quite a selection of cool electronics now too. Littlewoods Ireland are even undercutting Smyths when it comes to the NES Classic, offering it for a whole €10 cheaper. You also get free four-day delivery and free returns. – €140.00+

Along with overpriced hen’s teeth, you’ll find some NES Classics on Unfortunately, these are being sold by third parties and cost a fortune. So unless you’re going full Arnie in the lead up to Christmas, steer clear.

Check back here if you can’t find any consoles in the lead up to Christmas as we’ll have more updates in our Retro Gaming section.


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