5g enabling fast downloads on the go

In a first for the Irish market, Eir is giving all customers free access to their 5G network. That means that if you’re an Eir customer, with a 5G phone in a 5G area, you can now get superfast mobile downloads at no extra cost. The network states this is a first for Ireland. Eir has stated that this is for all “in-market plans”, which means you need to be on a plan they are currently selling across both prepay and bill pay.

There’s some additional good news too if you’re getting back out and about and going abroad. You’ll be able to access 5G where available in 22 EU countries, Asia, Canada and the Middle East. Again, I believe that’s a first for the Irish market.

5G has seen a stumbling start in Ireland but with a growing selection of handsets on the market at affordable prices, 5G is fast becoming the norm. This is another sign that 5G will quickly become expected, instead of being a “nice-to-have”.

Will Gomo Customers Get 5G?

It’s highly unlikely that Eir’s value network, Gomo, will offer 5G anytime soon. Joining Gomo is much cheaper and 5G is one of the key differentiators that Eir will use to encourage people to upgrade onto the Eir network. For now, if you’re on Gomo you’ll still only get 4G speeds.

How Will Eir Customers Get 5G?

You don’t have to do anything from today’s announcement if you have a plan that Eir currently sells. You’ll just need to have:

  1. A 5G phone
  2. A 5G compatible plan
  3. Be in a 5G area

If you have an older plan, contact Eir’s customer care to see if they can upgrade you onto a new plan. If 5G isn’t a priority, perhaps you’re more interested in checking out the latest SIM-only offers on the Irish market?

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