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We bring you the latest Irish tech news and the best tech news from the wider world. We filter through the latest apps and gadgets to find what could be coming to our shores soon.

PlayStation vs Xbox: Which 2020 Console Should You Buy?

ps5 or xbox
Finally, we have all the pieces of the puzzle. That means we can finally put it all together and pick a new games console. Considering the Xbox One and PlayStation 5 launched over six years ago, this isn't like a phone purchase. Buying a games console is a commitment for many years. So which one suits you...

Irish PS5 Price And Launch Date Confirmed

And there it is. We finally have an Irish PlayStation 5 price and launch date confirmed. After answering your questions about the PlayStation 5 launching in Ireland a few weeks back, here are the final pieces of the puzzle you need. PlayStation 5 Launch Date In Ireland The PS5 will be...

Fitbit Receives Regulatory Green Light To Identify Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

fitbit sense AFib detection
A couple of years ago at Web Summit, I listened to a great talk on wearables. The guy speaking introduced me to the concept of the halfway test. If you leave your house and get halfway to your destination, what would be important enough to turn around an go home for? Your wallet, almost certainly. Your phone,...

IKEA And ASUS Republic Of Gamers Team Up For Gaming Furniture

ikea and rog launch furniture range
IKEA is famed for making affordable but stylish furniture. Today, the Swedish homewares giant announced they would be partnering with ASUS' gaming division, Republic of Gamers (ROG) to develop a new range of affordable gaming furniture and accessories to bring the gaming experience at home to a new level. Tapping Into Gaming

Google Pixel 4a: Hands on Review

Smartphones, they are all the same right? Wrong! Budget, quality, design, OS and much more all have to come together to make something that's both beautiful and functional, yet more often than not, this point is missed. Last year something changed with the release of the Google Pixel 3a. A mid-price phone with some flagship specs. Google...

Who To Follow On TikTok In Ireland

who to follow tiktok ireland
Writing this post is a big old gamble. I don't think TikTok is going anywhere anytime soon, but the United States has fixed crosshairs on the Chinese social media platform, just like they did with Huawei. The company must sell US operations before September 20th or risk being banned in the "Land of the Free". But this...

Marshall Uxbridge Smart Speaker Review: Guitars And Google Home

marshall uxbridge smart speaker
It feels like you can buy anything and everything with a Google Assistant built into it now. Looking around my sitting room, I have a Google Assistant-powered soundbar, a Google Home in the kitchen and Google Nest Wifi which has an assistant in the bedroom too. In such a small space adding another smart speaker meant it...

New on Netflix: The Social Dilemma

The entire internet is now built for one reason. To catch your attention. In running this site, I've resisted for years adding ads to the site. But I'm trying to build a business which can bring more and more people the best tech news on a daily basis. So I caved. Unless you're using an ad...

48 Launch Best In Market €7.99 Per Month Phone Plan: What’s The Catch?

Not that long ago, I looked at Gomo's unbelievable launch in Ireland. With parent company Eir looking to mop up the younger mobile market they offered unlimited calls, texts and data for €9.99 per month. Today, Three's youth network 48 has undercut this even further with €7.99 for all calls, all texts and 100GB of data. So...

The Last Stand Of The QR Code

qr codes in sprezzatura restuarant
User experience is something that changes dramatically as technology changes. Developers and designers quickly adapt and adopt to what consumers like you start to do. It's your real world actions that shape the services you interact with. At least, that's how the good services operate. In a world where we've been told we'll likely have to learn...