HTC One M8s – What is the difference?

No that’s not a typo, nor is it plural. HTC have just announced the incoming HTC One M8s. You might well be asking why or what does that “s” mean.

This week saw the launch of the HTC One M9. Many have concluded that while improvements were made, they were extremely subtle. This makes the launch of the HTC One M8s even stranger, as it’s remarkably similar to the M8.

The M8’s Mate

HTC-One-M8-cameraWhat’s different between the M8 and M8s. Well, it would seem that the Ultrapixel party is really coming to a close. The rear facing camera has been swapped out for a 13 MP camera, while the 5 MP front facing camera remains. It also maintains the duo lens for quality effects.

The processor has been tweaked and the battery improved slightly, but still you may be wondering what this almost identical phone brings to the market place. Well it’s really simple.

Why buy the HTC One M8s?

The tech world gets very caught up in stats and developments, often overlooking the end user – you. Do you need the very latest handset with all the bells and whistles, or would you prefer a revamped version of last years handset, with last years bells and whistles, while saving some money?

*penny drops*

HTC have realised that last year’ flagship handset is good for another year or two. They’ve also, correctly, worked out that not every Tom, Dick and Harry want the latest flagship handset. They want an operational phone.

The M8s brings all that quality to the market. In fact, it’s a market leader with great spec and a more affordable price for the average user than the top of the range One M9.

The HTC One M8s lands in Ireland next week on Vodafone in Gun Metal Grey initially. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to catch a more detailed review of the HTC One M8s when it lands.

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