The Flex-Card: An Alternative to Cloud Storage

The Flex-Card has just launched on Indiegogo this week by the Power Company. This is the same company who developed the iPocket Drive for Apple products. We’ve had a look to see what the device offers.

Why do we need The Flex-Card?

Need might be a strong word, but the Flex-Card certainly makes life a little easier. Whether you’re using Windows, Android or Apple, the Flex-Card will be able to provide an alternative to cloud storage platform (listen up Jennifer Lawrence). So if you are a bit iffy about the cloud, read on!

What is The Flex-Card?

Flex Card ConnectionsThe Flex-Card is effectively a storage device with connections for all major devices, including Apple’s latest USB-c. If you’re impatient, there’s more good news. as it uses USB 3.0, the fastest on the market. The device itself comes in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models.

What can The Flex-Card do?

The Flex-Card StreamingThe big feature that jumped out at us here was the ability to stream to Apple mobile devices. So if for some reason you had movies in file format, acquired from somewhere, you can watch them from The Flex-Card directly to your iPhone or iPad.

Backup contacts


If you have both platforms, perhaps due to a work phone being Android, or maybe you’re changing from Apple to Windows, The Flex-Card allows you to back up on one platform and restore on another using their app. This is a great and simple way to get contacts backed up and transferred cross platform.



Do I need The Flex-Card

As we said, with tech, need is always a strong word. The Flex-Card does provide some really neat solutions and adds to your overall smartphone experience.

Where can I get The Flex-Card?

The Flex-Card is currently going through the early stages of its Indiegogo campaign, but is already 147% funded with loads of time left to go. By backing the campaign, you can get your hands on an early model due for delivery in October this year, starting from around €70 with shipping.

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