Dare to Care: Nokia 3310 versus Apple iPhone 7

nokia 3310 snake Nokia 3310 versus Apple iPhone 7

Fate has intervened, taking my Nokia 5110 from me before it’s time. Thankfully I got upgraded to the Nokia 3310 with the help of the guys over in Cash Encounters of Parnell Street, Dublin.

Weighing up the Nokia 3310 versus Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 has just launched, so it seems fitting to compare my latest phone to it. The key features of Apple iPhone 7 were announced at Apple’s keynote and some are on Apple’s Irish website has the key features of their latest flagship, so let’s see if the Nokia can stand toe to toe with the iPhone 7’s innovations.

Apple iPhone 7 design

Apple iPhone 7 boasts a two new colour finishes, bringing the range of colours to five. Apple finally introduced water resistance to this year’s flagship, making the iPhone 7 splash and water resistant to a rating of IP67. Finally, in terms of design, Apple redesigned the home button.

Nokia 3310 design

Colour and customisation is at the heart of the appeal behind the Nokia 3310. While not the first Nokia to feature Xpress-on covers, the 3310 was arguably the first to perfect the use of interchangeable covers. The Nokia 5110 suffered as the battery stood in the way, but the internal battery of the 3310 allowed users to customise the entire shell of their phone.

IP ratings weren’t really used for phones back in the day, but the design of the Nokia 3310 and lack of a touchscreen, makes it a little resistant to the elements anyway. Apple simply cannot compete in terms of the home button. Nokia practically invented the home button which was known as the Navi Key.

Apple 0 : 1 Nokia

Apple iPhone 7 camera

Apple has revolutionised the iPhone’s camera, especially the iPhone 7 Plus which features dual lenses. Improved sensors, software and a 7MP Facetime camera mean iPhone users are sure to enjoy the best camera on the go from Apple yet.

Nokia 3310 camera

Eh, it doesn’t have one.

Apple 1 : 1 Nokia

Apple iPhone 7 gaming

At the launch event, Apple went heavy on gaming. Super Mario will make his iPhone debut and Pokémon GO will now enjoy Apple Watch integrations. Rumours are also rife that VR will find its way onto iOS soon with Google Cardboard announcing compatibility. Massive games including Formula One 2016 will be playable too thanks to the massive GPU and processor on board. Still though, gaming with a touch screen?

Nokia 3310 gaming

Yeah, you see where this is going. Snake 2 was perhaps the greatest sequel since Toy Story 2, The Dark Knight and Aliens 2. You could fly through walls, eat bonus mice things – and actually that’s about it. The beauty was the simplicity. Everyone in school wanted to have the highest score, to the point where state-sponsored doping could have been an option. There were a few other games, but honestly, they were only played once or twice after a frustrating Snake 2 session.

Apple 1 : 2 Nokia

Apple iPhone 7 battery

The introduction of the A10 processor does more than provide power for console-like gaming. The more brains you give a smartphone to process, the less energy it takes to solve the daily problems it faces. Apple expects the iPhone 7 to have the longest battery life in an iPhone ever – up to twice as long as iPhone 6. That means you might enjoy a whole day and a half without charging – maybe.

Nokia 3310 battery

Nokia 3310 versus Apple iPhone 7 battery

Once you charge up a Nokia 3310 it could probably run an area the size of Longford for two and a half weeks. It can power itself for at least three or four days.

Apple 1 : 3 Nokia

Apple iPhone 7 audio

Apple opted to rid their leading smartphones of the 3.5mm audio jack. Because of this they could fit more in and provide a next level audio experience through amplifier powered headphones. iPhone 7 is the first iPhone to come with stereo speakers and has also sent shockwaves through the mobile world with the crazy AirPods.

Nokia 3310 audio

One word. Composer. As soon as I got home with the Nokia 3310 I remembered the composer. Then I found a website that lets you programme your own monophonic ringtones into the phone. Everyone within a ten-meter radius was likely irritated by this discovery as the evening then turned into me playing the part of a mobile phone Mozart.

Beat the intro time. Can you work out what song I’m programming before it gets played at the end?

Apple 1 : 4 Nokia

A landslide victory for the reliable Nokia 3310. Then again, I’m biased. I’m using the Nokia 3310 as I give up my smartphone to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. Goos3D.ie is taking part in TodayFM’s Dare to Care. You can find out more below and donate to a fantastic cause.



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