Google Cardboard app for iPhone just launched

Flying Tiger Virtual Reality Headsets

After previously making virtual reality affordable to the masses, Google Cardboard app for iPhone is finally available.

Just last week, Apple filed patents for a potential iPhone virtual reality headset. Now, Google has announced their Cardboard app is available on iOS. While Google Cardboard for iPhone won’t reach the level of immersion seen through the likes of the HTC Vive, the incredibly low cost means everyone can try it out.

Google Cardboard viewers are available for less than €20 online. You’ll often grab one for free from tech companies innovating within the virtual reality space. Recently, we spotted a great deal in Flying Tiger. Insanely, you could pick up a set of Google Cardboard style viewers for just €2.

What can Google Cardboard app for iPhone do?

Google Cardboard for iOS and Android does have limitations in terms of the user experience. Once you expect the viewers to be the very first step in your virtual reality journey, you are unlikely to be disappointed by them.

YouTube 360 videos, Google Map’s Photo Spheres and third party applications such as VRSE are likely to be the most interesting to iPhone right away.

Would you like a free set of Google Cardboard viewers?

We’re giving away some of the simply gorgeous cardboard viewers from Flying Tiger. Simply Like our Facebook page and we’ll pick a winner in the coming weeks.

Flying Tiger Virtual Reality Headsets €2 for Google Cardboard app for iPhone


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