Get Samsung Milk VR in Ireland

Samsung Milk VR

With a full range of smart devices in the world these days, you might well be interested to learn what exactly is Samsung Milk VR. As VR moves from strength to strength, we take a look at a hidden gem for Samsung Gear VR users.

What is Samsung Milk VR

Samsung Milk VR is a section of the strangely branded Samsung Milk media repository, which began as a music and video service. Given recent developments with free Gear VR headsets and the likes accompanying the latest Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge launch, Samsung in partnership with Facebook and Oculus are really trying to force VR to the next level. Samsung Milk VR was Samsung’s next step in the journey, providing Gear VR users with the ability to stream 360 videos; once you are based within the US.

How can I get Samsung Milk VR in Ireland?

Samsung Milk VR IrelandYeah, we’re not going to leave you hanging like that. Nothing is more frustrating that having services like the Samsung Milk VR available only in the US, so naturally we have a work around for you. Actually, getting Samsung Milk VR in Ireland is remarkably easy.

  1. Download Hola from the Google Play Store for free.
  2. Once the app downloads, launch Hola.
  3. From within the Hola app, select the Oculus App, which should load as if in the US automatically.
  4. Once open, browse to the Samsung Milk VR application.
  5. Once installed, you will be able to view the Samsung Milk VR app.

What content does Samsung Milk VR have?

Right now, like everything VR, Samsung Milk is expanding slowly but regularly. With that said, there is some top notch free content for you to enjoy once you unlock the service.

Samsung Milk VR: Gone

This one is cool. From Skybound Entertainment, creators of The Walking Dead, Gone is not really a game as such but more of an interactive movie. At the centre of the story is a little girl going missing in broad daylight, putting you in the shoes of a parent experiencing their worst nightmare. You sit through several 6 minute videos within which you can view hotspot clues while feeling the entire experience. This one is a must try.

Samsung Milk VR: WWE Summer Slam

How often do you get to enjoy the WWE on the ground floor? Get almost close enough to smell the sweat on the mat as you sit through a short but immersive WWE experience. In a short time, you’ll enjoy the superstars entering the arena and someone going through the commentary desk. Classic WWE action in a brave new world.

Samsung Milk VR is constantly being updated with professional and amateur content, meaning it’s a great portal to unlock. We never did like this geo-locking rules.

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