While online advertising is big business, almost 7% of internet users have decided blocking these ads improves their browsing experience. Sure enough, 7% might not sound like much, but that comes to 198 million internet users who are not served by online ads. Today, these 198 million users will probably do a double take as Amnesty International ads are allowed through.

Amnesty International AdBlock

March 12th is the World Day Against Cyber Censorship. This is a one day event to highlight the online injustices that we shouldn’t be witnessing in a modern world. From countries who block internet access to certain sites like China and North Korea, to nations who monitor usage, such as the US controversy ousted by Edward Snowden. For one day only, AdBlock is allowing Amnesty International ads through their barriers, encouraging users to experience some content highlighting the importance of connectivity as a basic human right.

You can keep an eye out for ads like these, read “Why AdBlock is “Un-blocking Amnesty Banners Today” by Gabriel Cubbage, CEO of AdBlock or visit the Amnesty International website.

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