Virtual Reality headsets available at Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger Virtual Reality Headsets €2 for Google Cardboard for iPhone

Did you ever think you would be able to buy virtual reality headsets for €2?

The trinket store Tiger has grown in popularity for their quirky gift ideas. Tiger is now known as Flying Tiger, but the Danish store is still stocking some great bargains. One bargain that caught our eye is a virtual reality headset.

Why is Flying Tiger selling virtual reality headsets?

Untitled1Sure they sell everything! It’s rare you will pop into Flying Tiger and leave empty handed. Here at Goos3D, we are understandably excited by virtual reality. Over the past few months, the fledgeling platform has grown massively with the HTC VIVE and Samsung Gear VR paving the way to success. One common problem remains with the general public adopting virtual reality: the price.

The people of behind the scenes of Flying Tiger are not ones to miss an opportunity. While wandering the shop’s aisles recently, we spotted a stack of Google Cardboard style virtual reality headsets.

What are Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets?

Flying Tiger Virtual Reality HeadsetsOculus Rift where the driving force behind virtual reality become a viable entertainment project. Google Cardboard made experiencing virtual reality unbelievably cheap. The Google Cardboard project utilised the power of smartphones and some crafty make-and-do to create a convincing virtual reality experience. These cardboard viewers are the perfect, cost-effective gateway into 360 content – particularly YouTube content. These Google Cardboard viewers usually weighed in between €10 to €30, versus closer to €1000 for the likes of the Oculus Rift.

How much are the Flying Tiger virtual reality headsets?

The Flying Tiger VR headsets are €2 and come in 4 stylesFlying Tiger practically has a price limit of €2 and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything more expensive in there. Sure enough, these Google Cardboard style viewers are €2. We’ve been waiting for viewers like these to become available at this price point. The volume of 360 content is growing online daily. For an amazingly low price, you can now have a virtual reality headset in your house for trying out YouTube 360.

Are they any good?

Keeping in mind they cost the price of a Magnum ice-cream, they are brilliant. You won’t feel like you’ve just left earth, but for that price, it’s certainly no harm in picking these up and trying them out. Be sure to hold onto your phone though, as it won’t be held in very tightly. Flying Tiger’s VR goggles come in various different quirky styles and colours and the team in-store informed us that they are selling fast. More robust headsets will be in Flying Tiger before Christmas too.

Virtual reality at this price is a big deal. Low prices mean reduced barriers to adoption and, as a result, some will now try virtual reality that never would have before. Pop into your local Flying Tiger store and pick up a headset.


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