Cyber Monday in Ireland

Looking to get a few bargains online today? It’s Cyber Monday which is a lot more welcome in Ireland than the mayhem that is Black Friday. So sit back, relax, and click when you like something.

Cyber Monday Ireland: Gadgets

Google Chromecast – €29.99 (save €10)

Google Chromecast

We’re starting with this because it really is deal of the day! Just last week, we recommended the Google Chromecast as a great tech gift for everyone. With everyone owning smartphones and the act of streaming media becoming increasingly popular, the next logical step is to enable the public to connect their device to their TV. Simply pop the HDMI Chromecast into your TV and away you go. You’ll be able to fling video from various devices you own to your nice big telly!

Buy the Google Chromecast now from Currys

Jawbone UP – €54 (save €54.99)

Blue Jawbone Up

Currys are featuring a quite a bit here, simply because they have some rather good deals. Not too long ago, the Jawbone UP we also recommended alongside the Sony Smartband as a great Christmas gift idea. That was at full price. At this price it is a no-brainer if someone you love is into their fitness and has a smart phone.

Buy the Jawbone UP now from Currys

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini – €79 (save €20)

SIII Mini Blue

This isn’t the biggest saving you’ll find this Cyber Monday, but this deal is all about quality. The Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini is a fantastic and reliable handset with considerably good spec. A quick visit to any shop (Lidl included) will show that smart phones are now available ten a penny. The sub €100 category is shark infested waters, so this handset is the really safe option!

But the Galaxy SIII Mini now from Carphone Warehouse

Kindle Paperwhite – €109 (save €30)

Kindle Paper White

If you don’t have a Kindle yet, we have to ask why? These are the definition of accessible tech! You can get your favourite newspapers and books, by the thousands on this tiny device. The screen is gorgeous to read from, as it utilises eink – a very paper-like display. The Paper White version of the Kindle is still very easy on the eyes, but also includes a backlight for viewing in the dark. Finally, the eink screen is also very easy on power meaning you don’t need to charge very often.

Buy the Kindle Paper White now from Currys

Powerline – €29.99 (save €30)

Netgear Powerline

Sure enough, Currys are involved again. Have you ever had the situation in your house where you can’t get WiFi in a room that’s too far from the modem? Fret no more! By plugging your Ethernet cable into this device and then plugging that into the mains, your internet signal travels along the existing electrical wiring in your house to a second plug. From this second plug, you can then plug another Ethernet cable into a computer, smart TV or games console to avail of high speed internet access. Great gadget and a great price.

Buy the Netgear Powerline from Currys now

Cyber Monday Ireland: Gaming

Red Dead Redemption

Some of the best gaming deals are to be had online this year. Xbox 360 lovers can enjoy Red Dead Redemption for just €7.49 by buying online with Xbox Games on Demand. More games are coming and going on sale, so check the site for the latest.

Argos look like the leaders for consoles. You can grab a PS4 Bundle with two games for €349.99 or an Xbox One with 3 games for €449.99.

Steam is being Steam. If you’re not familiar, Steam is an online shop for PC gamers. It is also famous for insanely good sales, so if you are so inclined get over there and take a look at some of the games on offer.

There will almost certainly be some more deals that appear throughout the day on Cyber Monday. Another big tip is to keep an eye on for throughout the day. Another GOOS3D favourite is the Pebble, which goes on special at 11am

If you spot a cracking deal, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or by commenting below!

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