Who to follow on Twitter for Web Summit

Who to follow Web Summit

It was the night before Web Summit and all was quiet, except Dublin which is currently hopping for Night Summit! With Ireland’s biggest tech event set to bow out on a high with 30,000 attendees over the next 3 days, here’s the who you’ll need to follow on Twitter to keep up to date and have a bit of a laugh.


Web Summit WiFiWe’re calling it. At the time of writing, this account has no more than twenty followers, but they have massive potential to be a great laugh over the coming three days. Watch this space as the WiFi quality fluctuates and the humour rises.


Paddy Cosgrave TwitterOne of the Web Summit’s founding members, Paddy will be tweeting the goings on of the Web Summit over the three days. Well, whether it’s him or not, who knows, but his account is a centre-piece of knowledge and updates you’ll simply have to follow for the big event.



Web SummitOkay, call me Captain Obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people forget to follow the obvious accounts! Like Paddy, WebSummitHQ will be updating you throughout the Web Summit with the biggest and latest going’s on. Lots of stuff just pops up throughout the event, so have your notifications from accounts like this turned on.


Goos3DOh come on, surely you saw that coming. For the second year running we’ll be covering Web Summit LIVE for you! Follow our Twitter where we’ll be posting all sorts of media and news updates as the three days unfold. Want us to ask a startup you’ve spotted a question? Let us know and we’ll try sort it for you.



We don’t believe in discouraging competition, in fact we love the sheer number of quality bloggers, journalists, tweeters etc that will be covering Web Summit along with us this year. You’re likely to see us re-tweeting the likes of Ciamhie Mc Digital over the coming days.


Adrian Weckler Web SummitAs per previous point, we’re not anti big fish in the pond as can so often be the case. Granted, Adrian may only tweet every now and then about Web Summit, when he does, chances are people are listening. Some of his tweets can be refreshingly down to earth too…


Protip! Did you know there are over 100 volunteers whose sole job it is involves covering Web Summit on every social media platform imaginable? Yup, let me introduce you to the Liveteam. After #WebSummit, #liveteam is the best hashtag to follow for the event. These guys and gals are made up of enthusiastic bloggers and social gurus who’ll be tweeting and instagramming everything they can get their smartphones locked on.



Hugh Gallagher is the guy over social and the Web Summit Liveteam. Keep and eye on his social stream for his picks of the best the Liveteam has to offer.


And if you’re an attendee…

Sure enough, you’ll be reluctant in thinking about downloading the Web Summit app, but you can connect with loads of fellow attendees and their social media. You can download the iOS version and Android version now.

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