5 Web Summit Talks

The countdown clock to Web Summit is closing in on zero and excitement is building ahead of the final event before they move to Lisbon. There’s a lot of stuff going on, but we’ll be focused on how the talks of Web Summit affects everyday tech users. Here’s three talks in particular we’re looking forward to hearing.

Piloted Driving: Driving into the future

Tesla AutopilotCars are fast becoming more and more aligned to the futuristic visions of Hollywood. Tesla’s recent autopilot features are frightfully similar to the self driving cars seen in Demolition Man.

To discuss the road we’re on towards automobile automation, Audi’s Sven Schuwirth will be on hand. Sven is Head of Brand and Sales Development with Audi, as the company clearly see demand for automation growing in the future.

Swipe Right: Tinder up close

Tinder and TechGetting the shift has been a corner stone of Irish society for many years now, with tech becoming a far less frowned upon medium. This is nowhere more visible than in the public adoption of Tinder. Tinder is like a virtual nightclub where a simple swipe is the same as giving the old wink across the bar. Founder, Sean Rad, will be having a twenty minute chat with Forbes’ Steven Bertoni to discuss what has been a roller coaster year.

What will drive adoption for home automation?

Here at Goos3D, our ultimate aim is to make tech a little more fun and approachable for the public. With that in mind, we are understandably excited to see any talk that’s interested in overcoming obstacles to technology adoption. There are more and more people trying out things like Nest or Philips Hue as uses for home automation are becoming more real to the public. This twenty-five minute talk will include specialists from Philips, Logitech and Zonoff, hosted by Andy O’Donoghue from TV3’s The Gadget Buzz.

Bringing VR to the masses

Is it simply a cool gadget, or will virtual reality touch most elements of our future lives. In what may be a talk from a slightly biased viewpoint, the inventor of Oculus Rift, the world leader in VR, will be sharing his vision for the future of virtual reality.

EyeRobot: Are machines finally catching up to science fiction

EyeRobot Web SummitWe recently looked at how past fictions of James Bond had become realities and now focus turns to our more broad connected world. With more and more devices being connected on a daily basis, representatives from Movidius and DAQRI will be discussing how “seeing” machines will impact our day to day lives.

This is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the next couple of days, but this should be enough to whet your appetite. Keep and eye on our site and social media for the latest news and updates from Web Summit 2015.

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