Smoke Clears: Huawei’s U.S. Exile Set To End

I don’t want to say it, but I told you so slash I called it.

Speaking on The Goosed Podcast, I predicted this whole saga between the U.S. and China which saw Huawei get caught in the crossfire of an international trade war, seems to be drawing to a close.

Speaking at the G20, U.S. president Donald Trump said U.S. can sell goods to Huawei once again. The move will bring an end to a month of uncertainty following Trump’s previous ban on the same.

While nothing has legally changed again yet this is great news for Huawei who has been rocked in global markets with losses over the next two years predicted to amount to $30 billion.

Huawei Ireland this week moved to restore some consumer confidence, guaranteeing existing devices, like this year’s P30 Pro flagship, would continue to receive Android operating system updates and maintain access to key apps like Facebook, YouTube and the Google Play Store.

Now we just have to hope everything gets resolved legally so we can move on and enjoy one of the best phones on the market again. Be sure to give us as follow as our P30 review is due going to drop any day now!

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