Parcel Wizard: Control your Online Shopping Deliveries

We’ve all experienced the irritation that follows randomly ordering something we didn’t really need, but then somehow never being home when the delivery man arrives with that shoehorn-back scratcher. Companies such as Parcel Motel offer banks where your package can be delivered, but now there is an alternative.

The Concept of Parcel Wizard

DPD van ireland parcel wizardDynamic Parcel Distribution (aka DPD or the guys who deliver UPC stuff) have today launched Parcel  Wizard, a completely free service. Parcel Wizard allows customers to have a package delivered at a time that suits them. The users online portal has a calender which they can fill in to show takes they are unavailable for. The user inserts their Parcel Wizard unique ID number in the first line of their delivery address when shopping online. When DPD are the delivery company being used by the online store, they will only attempt to deliver at a time that suits the customer, verifying by a message. Alternatively, the customer can choose to collect their package from a DPD depot.

Does Parcel Wizard work?

First of all, a quick reminder. DPD’s Parcel Wizard is a completely free service. Unfortunately, your online store has to offer delivery via DPD or else the service will not work. Still, DPD handles over 50,000 packages to homes every day! Another download side however. Even if your online store does offer DPD as a delivery method, if you  are using a service such as this because you work Monday to Friday, once again, the service is of no use to you.

Even though Parcel Motel has recently experienced a slight price hike, it still provides a more practical answer to the overall problem of not being home for your delivery. What DPD really offers is another option, which is not to be frowned upon! So often with these services, they start small and eventually develop due to a loyal following. With online shopping growing from strength to strength, we can expect to see a flood of services like Parcel Wizard emerging.

Parcel Wizard Today FM Competition
Today FM’s, Ian Dempsey, DPD’s Maeve Dwyer and the Parcel Wizard

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