iPhone 10: 10 things to keep an eye out for with the next iPhone

Will it be iPhone 7s or iPhone 10

In 2017 something strange will happen as Apple iPhone will be turning 10 years old. The iPhone 7s or iPhone 10 brings rumours suggesting this year’s version is heading towards a radical redesign.

After scanning the internet for a fair chunk of time, here are 10 things we reckon could happen with this special anniversary iPhone.

Not an iPhone 7s but something totally different

From 4 to 4s, 5 to 5s and so on so forth. Each iPhone has been equipped with a corresponding “s” model launch. But not this time. Nope, this year we skip the 7s and jump straight to the 8, or the iPhone 10. Could we even get the iPhone X (roman numeral for 10) just shake things up a bit? With Apple shares falling drastically in the last year or so and this obviously special occasion we wouldn’t be surprising if Apple did something a little different.

Potentially an all display surface?

John Gruber is a well-known Apple blogger and his podcast, Daring Fireball, is normally a well-informed source on everything iPhone. Well anyway, he claims from his “sources” that the iPhone10 (that’s what we are calling it now) won’t have any bevel, border, buttons or anything of that sort. Simply one large display. Wonder how that get’s around having a front facing camera.

iPhone 10 goes back to glass

Another chap who seems to be in the know is Apple analyst Ming Chi Kou. This lad more often than not predicts the latest Apple aesthetics and this time around he reckons an Aluminium framework with a glass rear and the prior mentioned screen would hark back to the iPhone4-4s style of design.  Which means a decent case will be a must. Remember how those yokes smashed.

Three models instead of two

There are a few alternating rumours floating about there being a third high-end instalment this time around as the iPhone and iPhone Plus could end up with a little or bigger brother.

One model being touted is claiming a 5.8” display (so an iPad mini?) with the other more along the lines of the 5S/ SE with a 4.5- 5” screen, both of which would be framed with stainless steel rather than aluminium in order to make the handset more durable which we are sure is something all iPhone 10 users would love to see.

Goodluck and thanks to the home key

So if the rumour about the all display interface is anything to go by, it would be safe to assume the home key is going to vanish leaving the iPhone 10 as a completely buttonless phone. While there are plenty of phones with soft key interfaces one source claims that the home button including the fingerprint scanner will actually be embedded into the front glass panel, So it will still be there but we won’t be able to see it. Bit strange and if this comes to pass invest in some high-end cases because while a cracked LCD is a pain right now, any crack to the display on this will render the phone useless until repair. So don’t say you weren’t told.

The headphone jack will remain a thing of the past

Look, to put it bluntly, the removal of the headphone jack annoyed a few folks in the iPhone 7 because unlike USB-C, the lightning charger is not exactly universal but it would be safe to say now that it is gone it will stay gone. Sorry but that’s just the way it is

Wireless charging could be a thing

Samsung have been floating this idea around for a few years and to be honest this form of charging is not exactly “wireless” the charging pad which the phone  must lay upon still must be plugged, but sure at least it means we can charge the battery and have lighting headphones plugged in at the same time. A nice little addition, not exactly ground breaking but interesting to see how Apple pull this off.

No dual lens for non-Plus models

This one we aren’t totally sold on and we would think it unfair if Apple were to leave the dual lens camera to just the plus series. However initial reports say this will be the case, but if we were to bet right now the iPhone 6s Plus had optical image stabilisation which did in fact trickle down to the iPhone 7 regular model this year. A glimmer of hope if nothing else.

Super sexy screen

Again taking a leaf out of the Samsung book ( seems to be a trend eh ) this year’s newest iPhone will have an AMOLED display, something which as we have seen in the past is far more engaging than the old LCD displays. Crisper colouring and lighter on the battery this be a huge step in the right direction from Apple.

Dropping iOS in favour of Android

Ok, only joking about this one but we ran out at nine. We will be keeping an eye out between now and the expected September launch in order to really find out what to expect from the 10 year anniversary of the revolutionary iPhone.


Leaked firmware update suggest there will indeed be an iPhone X alongside iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models.

The launch event will take place on 12 September in Apple’s Cupertino HQ.

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