LG G6: The next generation of LG is ready to rumble

LG G6 rumours

It’s that time of year again! The rumour mill has well and truly gone into overdrive in the smartphone world. So far we’ve had news around the latest HTC, Sony and Samsung. Google’s Pixel is still massively popular but is also fairly new. Now it’s the turn of LG. Many expect LG to launch their latest smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. So, with a launch date of late March or early April, what can we expect from the LG G6.

LG at Mobile World Congress (MWC)

LG typically announce their handsets at the beginning of each year. The LG G5 launched at MWC in 2016. Previous LG launches took place just before the Barcelona-based telecoms event. This year LG have done something perfectly evil by scheduling an event for February 26th. The eagle-eyed among you will note that’s the Sunday before this year’s MWC. Better still, it’s the same day Samsung have pencilled in for a big announcement.

The LG G5 arrived on shelves in April, as did its predecessor. Mark down early April in your diary as we expect a similar timeframe for the LG G6. Asian markets may see an earlier mid-March release. Will we see it in Europe before April? We just might you know. As for price, you can expect to fork out €500 for the privilege of having the latest LG smartphone.

Design of the LG G6

LG have ditched the innovative but expensive modular frame of the G5. Replacing it is either a glass or a reflective metal rear. we would assume the metal if we were betting men. Both would go a long way towards making the G6 feel more premium than previous flagship attempts. There are also rumours that we could see a waterproof build too. Exciting rumours indeed.

Onboard tech

The G5 had a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. Whether this will remain on the G6 remains to be seen. Some claim LG may take aim at Samsung’s iris scanner that we missed out on thanks to the exploding Note7.

When it comes to the display this is where things start to get interesting. Rumours of a curved OLED display seem to have flat-lined. This is despite the fact LG already produce OLED displays for the Apple Watch and their own TVs. LG themselves have confirmed the G6 will boast a 5.7 inch 2880 x 1440 Quad HD LCD display. The company has said it will be the first screen to sport an ultra wide 18:9 aspect ratio. This means the LG G6 will be delivering a pixel density of 564ppi. All you really need to know is that will be a super sharp “immersive viewing experience”. The screen is also said to be ideal for multi-tasking and dual-screen functions. It will use LG’s in-Touch technology for more a responsive experience.

The G6 camera

When it comes to the camera the G5 had an epic dual rear camera. Following the same train of thought is the G6. As always, you’ll get standard camera sensor upgrade. You also get a wide-angle sensor like its predecessor. The front facing camera could be an all job.

Will Note7 tech feature on the LG G6It’s expected to house the camera and iris scanner – all in one. This will authenticate the user and unlock the phone. Other possible specs include:

  • Likely to be Qualcomm SD830 chip with at least 4GB of RAM
  • Wireless charging possible
  • 32GB of internal memory. MicroSD supported
  • Either 2800mAh or 3000mAh battery.
  • Headphone jack

LG’s new flagship brings a more premium design, iris scanner and an all new display. Of course, everything, except the display is just rumour. But if you’re into rumours keep an eye on this article. We’ll update this as more reports and rumours appear.

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