Hater: A Tinder alternative for miserable sods

hater is a grumpy tinder alternative

As the only single member of the Goos3D team and with the big V-Day just around the corner, the search for a date is well and truly on the way. If you’ve swiped your dating app dry, Hater offers a great Tinder alternative. Instead of being impressed by a glance at a profile, Hater users get matched by common hates. Perfect for all your single and cynical mates.

Unrealistic expectations

Those horrible, horrible rom-com flicks would have us think that relationships are built on things like happiness, respect and trust. But what they always forget is a mutual hatred of the same things. In fact, in my humble opinion, it’s totally fine to fall in love with someone based on a shared disinterest or hatred of the same things. It could be movies, TV shows or people, the list is endless.

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Give in to your inner-grump and download Hater. Finally, there’s a dating app that doesn’t encourage charm, sunshine and happiness. You can now sidestep being matched with someone based on a quick physical attraction, all thanks to Hater.

A Tinder alternative with more than just swiping right

Once you’ve downloaded the app you are asked to give your opinion on a range of topics. You select how you feel by swiping in different directions, not just right. The app will then create a profile of all the users and begin matching you with people with similar mindsets. A simple app which aims to go beyond the physical and match people on something far more important than getting the right selfie angle.

If you’re looking for a date this Valentines Day why not give Hater a shot. Available on iOS now with Android to follow soon.

Quick side note: I’m also available this Valentines to see the Lego Batman movie if anyone’s interested.

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