Rumuki: Keep making a sex tape private

rumuki keeps making a sex tape private

If you’re looking to add a little spice to your love life, little will hit the spot like making a sex tape. And sure come on, everyone has an HD camera on their smartphone these days. In truth, smartphones are the problem as anything you create is extremely shareable. Rumuki is a new app that makes recording intimate moments more private.

Why would you need Rumuki when making a sex tape?

There are a few well-known people who would answer this question for you fairly quickly. Among the best known are Kim Kardashian, Hulk Hogan and most recently Amir Khan. They’ve all had some sort of sex tape leaked online. None of them thought their steamy intimate moments would be seen by the world. Unfortunately, loads of us have now seen Hulk Hogan’s arse involved in a very different type of wrestling.

hulk hogan rips off shirtFor most, the fear surrounds experimenting with video. Sure, when you’re with someone you think it’ll last forever. One bad breakup later and you’re left in fear knowing they have a video of you in the nip.

How does Rumuki make things any better?

keep making a sextape privateRumuki is a simple app with some genius features. First, record your night of passion using the app. As your partner lies back and sparks up, you can pair your phone to theirs using a QR code. Each phone stores the video locally and protects it with a unique secure key.

you need permission from your partner in crime

To watch the video back, you need permission from your partner in crime. One of you can’t watch it without the other granting permission. This means that should you break up or simply decide you don’t want that video to exist anymore, you just need to delete your key.

I don’t want team Rumuki looking at my arse

Don’t worry, they don’t want that either. Everything you record is saved locally to your phone and never sits on Rumuki servers. Even if they were hacked, your intimate moments will remain private. And if you’re worried about some sort of Ashley Madison style hack, fear not. You don’t need to sign up with social media accounts or emails.

Download Rumuki for iOS to get peace of mind while spicing up your sex life. Now you only have to deal with the more traditional objections to making a sex tape like “no we’ll look ridiculous”.

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