5 fashionable wearables for ladies to try out

Wearables. Everyone is trying them, or at least talking about them. The biggest year for the market was 2016, with brands producing techy-fashionable wearables. The tech community teamed up with the fashion industry to create more stylish wearable tech. Fashionable wearables are tech accessories that can be worn as bracelets or watches, with a beautiful design.

These wearables, equipped with sensors and Bluetooth, let you connect to your smartphone to help you achieve your goals. From staying active, getting organised, tracking your sleep to paying your groceries.

I’ve summed up the top five trackers that can appeal both to tech snobs and fashion lovers.

Jawbone UP4

Jawbone was fashion’s first popular wearable device. It even got affirmations from supermodels such as Karlie Kloss. The Jawbone UP4 took its style to simplicity and style of the UP3. The UP4 does all the typical things. You can connect to your smartphone and track your activities, calories, heartbeat and sleep. You can even use the UP4 for contactless payments.

Misfit Shine 2

fashionable wearables for ladies

The Misfit Shine 2 is quite unique as you can wear it with a Swarovski pendant as a necklace. This chic wearable is monitoring your fitness and sleep with one-touch operation. It’s basically one big button. What I love about this wearable is that is non-charging, replaceable batteries last up to six months. Better still, it’s quite posh looking when you wear it as a necklace.


Ringly is perhaps one of the most sophisticated tech rings on the market. The smart rings track your steps, distance covered and calories burned. You choose what notifications you want to receive from your apps. The ring then vibrates and lights up in matching colours. The rings are made of 18k gold and semi-precious stones. To survive your life, they’re resistant to water and 24-48 hours battery life.


The Bellabeat is another fashionable health tracker. The big difference is the fact it’s really designed for women. Besides giving you information about all your daily activities, steps taken and calories burned the Leaf tracks also menstruation and ovulation. It even offers guided breathing exercises to reduce stress level. The design is quite lovely and it can be worn as bracelet, necklace or pin.

Sona by CAEDEN

If you are stressing out just stop. The Sona bracelet can monitor your physical and mental stress level. This wearable tracks heart rate and assesses your active and passive activities. The design is elegant, with leather and gold, making it perfect for a fancy piece of jewellery.

Are these fashionable wearables for ladies worth it?

If you want to get in better shape, get better sleep or just relieve stress while staying fabulous just give them a try. All of them are nearly around 150 euros and they are definitely beautiful pieces of jewellery. Jewellery that comes with great benefits.

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