Alien Covenant: Return of the bitch

alien covenant trailer fassbender

The bitch is back!

Ellen Ripley is not.

But not to worry. A whole new cast of characters is running away screaming bloody murder from our favourite HR Giger nightmare creation. Quite frankly, I’m fierce excited.

A missing star

A few days on from the death of Bill Paxton, a new trailer for Alien: Covenant has dropped. The cast is made up of James Franco, Danny McBride (a minor worry for me), Michael Fassbender and Cathrine Waterston. They are set to, as the trailer suggests, find paradise through hell. A fitting epitaph for a crew in what is currently promising to be a Ridley Scott horror and gore fest.

What to expect from Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant seems to be something to get excited for. The trailer shows a beautiful, Eden of a world. Mountains spring strong throughout the landscape as our team of hero’s, hopefully, lead by Waterson (keeping with The Alien series of strong female leads) stumbles upon a lush garden sown with wheat and barley. Boots crunch through mud, as one unwitting leader of the crew, crushes a small object releasing spores. Hopefully, this foreshadows some of the terror that we can expect later on in the film.


The film explaining humanity discovering signs of the xenomorphs has had its continuity brought into question by this new trailer. In the new trailer, as mentioned above, the world we are on is lush. The world of Prometheus is arid and dry, much like the planet from the original Alien film. Could Scott be bringing us further back? It seems highly unlikely, so could it be further into the future? Well, all these questions remain and will until the release on 18 May.

What I’m really excited about

To be honest, what I’m really, madly, insanely, Hannibal Lectorly, excited by is one of the final frames of the trailer. Much like the final frames of Rogue One, we saw an iconic bad guy, doing what they do best. In this case? A pouncing Xenomorph.

Am I excited? You’re goddamn right. Catch the trailer below.

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