4 top tech April Fool’s Day pranks

While some might settle for changing the time on the clock to start a panic, tech companies around the world love going viral on April Fools’ day. These are a huge workplace hazard. Imagine the scene as you show off the Google Translate for Animals app as breaking technology.

Be on guard as we head into another day of enjoyable nonsense. Here are a few examples of past genius pranks for you to be on the look out for.

Google Translate for Animals

This goes back to 2009, but this April Fools’ Day prank is truly a classic. Google really put a lot of time into their “app” that finally allowed a lonely farmer to hear his donkey utter the words “I love you”. Awkwardness followed. An awkwardness no doubt shared by many who showed off this app thinking it was the bee’s knees.

HTC Gluuv

HTC-introduces-the-Gluuv-but-its-just-an-April-Fools-jokeYou can still visit the HTC Gluuv site and get a glimpse of the future.

With features like an 87.2 MP camera on the back of your hand for the “armie selfie”, it’s a wonder HTC never rolled out this Michael Jackson-esque glove. With the impending launch of the HTC One M9, we wonder what to expect this year. Maybe they’ll just wait again for what Samsung release.

Orbotix Selfie Cam

Only going back as far as last year for this one, maybe we shouldn’t laugh just yet.

Given the ever increasing popularity in both selfies and drones, this might be a little closer than we like! The tag line “always watching” certainly has a bit of a Terminator Skynet feel to it, but this is one April Fools’ Day prank that might be a little too close to reality!

Samsung Fly-Fi

This is an absolute GOOS3D April Fools’ Day tech prank favourite. Believe it or not, we do remember a few people mentioning this as ground-breaking technology.

The concept is of course completely sound and not off the wall at all. We attach tiny Samsung powered Modems to pigeons because those feckers are everywhere. Logical progression being, WiFi is then everywhere. This wins, if for nothing else, because of the Fly-Fi name.

So prep yourself for April First this year and be weary of big announcements. Let us know what your favourite prank has been over the years, or what the big ones this year are.

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