If you haven’t watched TED Talks before, you really are missing out. TED Talks is a set of conferences based upon “ideas worth spreading”. TED has its foundations deeply rooted in the early tech stories that sprouted from the Silicon Valley boom. Since then, they have moved produced all sorts of recorded conferences, ranging from science to lifehacks.

Perhaps most inviting to the TED Talks series, is how every video will teach you something for completely free! Visit the TED Talks website, YouTube channel, Google Play Store or App Store.

Here’s our 4 top tech TED Talks.

Ayah Bdeir – littleBits

We first caught a glimpse of littleBits at Web Summit 2014. We were also lucky enough to catch Ayah Bdeir speaking at TED Talks on why this modular technology is so great.

10 Top Time Saving Tech Tips

Given the technology saturated world we live in, it’s become far to easy to assume everyone knows some of the basics. In this TED Talk, David Pogue shares 10 great time saving tech tips. Chances are even the tech savvy out there might learn a few things too!

Chris Anderson: Technology’s Long Tale

¬†On the flip side, if you’re really into technology this TED Talk is for you. Chris Anderson, former editor of Wired Magazine, discusses the four key stages of technologies. This is essential viewing for startups and tech bloggers/journalists alike.

Big Data – The Worst Parking Spot in New York

In this TED Talk Ben Wellington shows how government bodies and local councils sharing their information publically can lead to public empowerment. Now groups come together in their free time to process this publically available information to make changes. The video below finishes by showing how Ben ousted an regularly fined parking spot and had it changed.

After you’ve watched these, we strongly recommend getting over to the TED Talks site. You’ll find educational and hilarious videos on a wide variety of topics. Let us know what you think or if you find a personal favourite video.

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