The Boys Review: Amazon’s Fun Answer to the Marvel Universe

the boys review

I can’t be the only one who got a little tired of the Marvel Universe, right? I wasn’t even arsed watching the last instalment of The Avengers (don’t worry, I’ll get around to it). But let’s be honest. Superhero movies and shows got a little tired. Even when The Boys first appeared in my Amazon Prime Video account, it didn’t catch my eye. Just another superhero show I thought.

Within five minutes of watching, I was hooked.

What is The Boys All About?

The Boys is Amazon’s latest homegrown series, available on Amazon Prime Video. It’s based on a comic book series of the same name. Both worlds depict a time where superheroes exist, but they’ve been ruined by the celebrity status that comes with their powers.

The Boys focuses on a particular group of superheroes or soups called The Seven. These superheroes, or at least their rights, are owned by a big evil-looking corporation called Vought. Typically, their powers lead to them harming those around them instead of saving anyone. The best example is given within the first five minutes of the show. You’ll know the moment I was hooked when you see it.

The Boys themselves stand in opposition to The Seven and Vought. They are led by a British guy called Billy Butcher, who actually makes British cool again in a very tough climate. While they’re four in total, the other bit character in The Boys is Hugh “Hughie” Campbell. He’s a hapless electronics store attendant constantly finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. The kind of guy who fires off a semi-automatic weapon and apologies to the enemy. No, seriously.

Who Makes Up The Boys Cast?

Amazon has clearly splashed out on The Boys. While Man in the High Castle was decent, the lack of recognisable actors threw me from the show. The Boys isn’t awash with famous faces, but there are enough recognisable noggins to give the show some important credibility.

Karl Urban from Star Trek fame plays Billy Butcher while his fellow Trekkie nerd, Simon Pegg, makes several appearances. I didn’t recognise this dude myself, but my better half informs me that many will also know Chace Crawford from his time in Gossip Girl. I swear, I had no idea.

Hughie is played by Jack Quaid who you may recognise from The Hunger Games.

Of course, I have to give Elisabeth Shue an honourable mention too. She was in two Back to the Future movies and a rake of CSI episodes. She’s been in loads of stuff that I like!

Is The Boys Worth a Watch?

Absolutely. Two things stood out for me while watching The Boys.

  1. Superhero movies and shows don’t have to be crap
  2. Amazon can really churn out decent content

I’ve already touched upon my belief that superhero movies got a little tired thanks to the Marvel Universe, but The Boys is a really refreshing take on the superhero genre. On the surface, there’s a touch of Marvel about the lineup. Homelander is the stamp of Captain America, while Queen Maeve is the bulb of Wonder Woman and A-Train is 100% The Flash.

The Boys universe is gritty. It’s funny. It’s violent, dark, bloody but most importantly bloody brilliant. The public would appear to be reacting too with Amazon stating The Boys has surpassed all their projected viewership numbers.

The Boys is one of those series you’ll find yourself at the last episode within a few days wondering when the bloody hell season two is coming out.

Will The Boys Return for a Second Season?

The good news: The Boys will return for a second season. Amazon renewed it before it even aired.

The bad news: The Boys won’t return until summer 2020.

Where to Watch The Boys

The Boys is an Amazon Prime Original which means Prime is the only place you can watch it. The good news is there’s a free trial for Prime Video so get on over and give it a lash.

Watch The Boys Teaser and Get a Taste

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the-boys-reviewBreathing life back into a general which has been super-punched into oblivion by the Avengers series isn't easy. The Boys does it with style, laughs and moments of total shock. Not one for the kids, but a must-watch for the big kids.