How to (try) and get Ed Sheeran Tickets in Dublin

Some people say, “why bother with the lottery? Sure I’ll never win that.” These same people are currently refreshing their screens like crazy trying to get in line for Ed Sheeran tickets.

Last month it was announced that Ed Sheeran would be recording an episode of VH1: Storytellers in the famous venue that is Whelans, Dublin. While many got excited, others noted the venue capacity of 400. The mayhem as begun people…

The bad news. The ticket site, Applause Store, which is “handling” the distribution of Ed Sheeran tickets has crashed. It didn’t take long either, with reports on Twitter stating it took less than 5 minutes for the site to become non-responsive.

The good news. The site is back up, though currently not accepting registrations. The better news is that your chances of going to see Ed Sheeran in Whelans this month, haven’t changed in the slightest. They are still extremely slim, but you still have the same chance as everyone else. Whether you get in line today or on Friday, it will still be decided in a lottery.

So go on…go eat something. You can try get those Ed Sheeran tickets tomorrow…waiting won’t help…we promise. (As we wait for you to leave and take your place…only joking)

Pre-registration for Ed Sheeran tickets is now open on the Applause Store website. You can register for both dress rehearsal and live show.

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