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Who to follow Web Summit

Who to follow on Twitter for Web Summit

It was the night before Web Summit and all was quiet, except Dublin which is currently hopping for Night Summit! With Ireland's biggest tech...
5 Web Summit Talks

5 Web Summit Talks We’re Looking Forward To

The countdown clock to Web Summit is closing in on zero and excitement is building ahead of the final event before they move to...
web summit speakers crowdsourcing

Who is speaking at Web Summit: Big Crowds

The power of the people is a common theme emerging from today's latest tech start ups. We're looking at the biggest crowd funding and...
Web Summit Lisbon 2016

Web Summit 2016 Lisbon: Irish tech will survive

Does Web Summit moving to Lisbon for 2016 suck? Yes, absolutely. Is it the end of the world and the Irish tech industry? Absolutely...

Empowering the People #websummit

In the interest of transparency, this was not simply the first Web Summit that GOOS3D attended. It was the first major tech event we...