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starlink satelites

SpaceX Starlink In Ireland: Everything You Need To Know

Rural broadband in Ireland is catmalogen. I would say people working from home has shown how bad it is, but the truth is we...

Virgin Media Launches 1 Gigabit Broadband Network

The internet has come a long long way. I still remember sitting in my bedroom on a DELL desktop running through a phone line...
virgin media broadband outage modem on fire

Virgin Media Broadband Outage: Inside the mind of a customer

Every now and then, "stuff breaks". These are the sentiments of Laoise, a logical and calm user of the internet. During a recent Virgin Media...
Usain Bolt and Richard Branson promoting Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile expands to include mobile phones

2015 saw UPC become Virgin Media and the Irish mobile market welcomed two new MVNO networks, owing to Three's merger with O2: iD Mobile...
richard branson and michael o leary

UPC makes way for Virgin Media

So a little something something happened in the industry that pipes Facebook and Netflix into your home, as UPC has officially re-branded to Virgin...