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google home launch ireland

Google Home in Ireland: Review and Complete Buyers Guide

It's taken a shocking amount of time, but Google has finally launched their smart assistant range in Ireland. Earlier this year, Amazon began officially...
which smart assistant should you buy

Which Smart Assistant: Amazon Echo v Google Home v Apple Homepod

Ok, it's official. The selection of smart assistants not on the market is incredible. While the title of this article suggests this is a...
google home mini or echo dot

Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot: Which Should You Buy?

I'm calling it, right now. Smart personal assistants like Google's Home Mini and Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo Dot, are going to be huge this year....
google home mini

Leaked: Google To Launch Google Home Mini

You'd almost feel sorry for all these tech companies that try to keep things secret. It's tough enough to wow us with gadgets when...