Leaked: Google To Launch Google Home Mini

google home mini

You’d almost feel sorry for all these tech companies that try to keep things secret. It’s tough enough to wow us with gadgets when you’ve got the likes of Jon nailing iPhone X specs back in February, but now Google has Walmart doing the leaking.

What Did Walmart Leak?

Google and Amazon have been fighting it out for a while now, especially in the voice controlled device area. For Amazon, this is the Echo and Echo Dot, but Google only had the full sized Google Home. That is until now.

Google has a big press event pencilled in for tomorrow where we expect to see the Pixel 2 launched. What we weren’t expecting was a brand new Google Home device; the Google Home Mini. Some poor divil that looks after Walmart’s website clicked prematurely and launched the Google Home Mini early. While it’s since been removed, the internet is fast to grab screenshots and jot down specs. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Google Home Mini?

The Walmart leak provided us with a sneak peek at the overdue, yet still unexpected, Google Home Mini. This is Google’s latest personal assistant powered device, a canvas covered pebble of technology. The Google Home Mini is a clear shot across the bow of Amazon in an effort to grab some market share where the cheaper Echo Dot was cleaning up.

Google Home Mini is a direct shot at Amazon Echo Dot

Simply put, the Google Home Mini is a speaker with a Google brain installed in it. You control the device with your voice, asking questions, playing music and controlling smart devices in the home to beat the band.

When is the Google Home Mini on Sale?

The page that Walmart leaked was a pre-order page, which showed the new speaker would be available from 19 October.

How Much Will This Cost?

You can expect to pay around the same as an Echo Dot for the Google Home Mini. So, you’ll be looking at around €42 excluding delivery.

How to Buy the Google Home Mini in Ireland

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to pick up Google’s latest smart assistant in Ireland. You can, however, order from Google’s US store and ship to Ireland using AddressPal.

Can’t help but feel for whoever runs that website. I once reduced everything on a site by €20. It’s easy happen.


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