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dublin bikes battery being recalled

Dublin eBikes Battery Recall Due To Short-Circuiting Risk

I'm a big fan of Dublin Bikes. Bike ownership in Dublin is a risky business given that thefts are rampant and the state of...
dublin bikes

Google Maps Now Has Real-time DublinBikes Station Updates

I'm pretty sure this is a very common bugbear for shared bike commuters in Dublin. Either you go to take a bike from a...
share economy

Shared Life: Is Ownership A Thing Of The Past?

There's a certain pressure on Irish people to buy a home. You'd be forgiven for thinking this is part of growing up for everyone...
bike sharing

National Bike Week: Getting Up On Two Wheels

I live in Dublin City and I'll often find myself in a situation where car, bus or Luas just doesn't make sense. Bikes always...
a properly parked bleeperbike

BleeperBikes: Ireland’s First Station-Free Bike Sharing Service

We've already dived into why BleeperBikes are different to Dublin Bikes, but we wanted to go further and see if they are any good....
rent a bike in dublin bleeper bike

BleeperBikes or Dublin Bikes? – What’s the difference?

Dublin Bikes has been a resounding success since their introduction in 2014. These Coca-Cola sponsored bikes are an affordable and fast way to zip...