We have quite an incredible amount of data about ourselves online these days. Simply put, pleading ignorance isn’t an excuse anymore as educating yourself and your family is a key part of enjoying technology safely. While we applaud RTÉ’s insight into the dangers of KIK Messenger for children recently, little was done to educate parents on using apps like this safely.

But how do you know if you’re up to speed with keeping your online privacy in check? For example, if you’re a Gmail user are you in the 10% that use two-step verification? Or are you in the 90% of people who choose not to use this extra layer of free security?

6 February: Safer Internet Day

6 February is Safer Internet Day and we plan to bring you a few bits and bobs in the run-up to help you stay secure online. To kick things off, we have a lighthearted quiz from Google that’ll give you an idea how your fixed when it comes to cybersecurity.

So go ahead, give it a lash:

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